Nipple Hair Manscaper by Mortimer Pye

Manscaping Hair Around Nipples

Men into male nipple enhancement, enlargement and pumping know the importance of getting a good seal around a man's areolas to achieve pleasing results with silicone nipple suckers or acrylic vacuum pumping cylinders. A few minutes of minimal but careful trimming around a guy's nipple can assure an effective pumping or play session.

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Nipple Hair Manscaping

Tools for trimming or shaving around a guy's nips usually takes mere minutes of manscaping to achieve good nipple enlargement results. Taking the time to manscape your nipple hair can also ensure a good grip with a sex partner's nipple-play and enhance the erotic experience for both sexual partners.

Extremely hairy men who like thier virile appearance may only want to TRIM and shorten the fur around their nipples to assure a good seal with men's nipple suckers or when using nipple pump cylinders. In that case we recommend a ROUND-TIPPED safety manicure scissors - something we consider to be a Must-Have tool in any man's personal grooming and manscaping kit arsenal, regardless.

Tools To Manscape Nipple Hair

Many guys have very sparse or very little chest hair. Sometimes the only hair they do have is likely to be around the man's nipples or at the center of their sternum. In that case a simple disposable razor is all that's needed for a quick cleanup of pectoral hair around the areola. Some All-In-One beard trimming and manscaping kits have a narrow detail trimmer attachment that's ideal for hair around the nipples - and is also good for detailing goatees to precision.

Precision Stainless Round Safety Grooming Scissor

Great For Trimming Around Nips - Nose - Ear - Mustache

I personally own a pair of Tweezerman precision ground, brushed stainless steel safety round-tip grooming scissors that I've owned for a decade and keeps it's sharp edge. Very useful for my nipple pump sessions. And it's great for detailed manscape tasks of my eyebrows, ear hair, mustache, nipple area and straggling hairs along the top or underside of my penile shaft.

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