Manscaping Sets For Trimming Pubic Hair

There's a fair number of specialized grooming and hair removal tools for men with hairy pubic bushes. Some are battery powered trimmers, others are AC powered which are an advantage since full and proper manscaping of a guy's pubic area can be a time consuming process.

Pubic Hair Manscaping Tools

Designed for DIY pubic hair removal, these manscaping sets feature fine-toothed clipper blades for neat, precision trimming when performing below the belt male grooming. They also feature adjustable or interchangable trimming guides for those who want a neater appearance without necessarily completely shaving the pubic area. They're also handy for initial trimming before a wet shaving to minimize clogged blades trying to do it all in one pass.

Pubic Hair RazorPubic Hair Trimmer
Trym Rechargeable Trimmer

With 4 Trimming Guides
Andis AC-Powered Trimmer

4 Short-Tine Trimming Guides

Both the Andis and Trym units feature a fine-tooth cutting blade ideal for precision trimming edging and shaping. The included snap-on trimming guides have SHORT tines on them (unlike the long tines of most home hair clipping sets) which can be really helpful for manscaping tasks. The short tines allow you to shear right to the base of the penis at the pubic area, or alongside your scrotum to the fold of your crotch without obstruction.

Specialized Trimmers vs General Grooming Kits

Some may find a battery-powered or rechargeable All-In-One grooming or beard trimming set to suffice for their manscaping needs. Here I recommend mid-to-high end sets that come with a full set of guides and attachments - especially a micro foil shaving head. That said, you'll often find the adjustable-length plastic guides to be somewhat chinty and made of brittle plastic. They may be fine for beard, mustache, sideburn and goatee grooming - but not necessarily optimal to manscape with.

Pubic Manscaping How-To

There's really three approaches to manscaping groin hair. One is a trimming approach of varying lengths to neaten but not completely elimate your hair down there. Another is a shaving approach. The last is a combination of initial trimming to get the hairs down to a short stubble, then ideally wet shaving for a very smooth manscape job across the entire penile shaft and scrotum.

Exceptionally hairy men need these specialized manscaper tools to perform do-it-yourself groin hair manscaping. These groin hair shavers and trimmers allow a guy to shape, trime and shave that pelt of fur covering their cock and balls.