Manscaping Products For Men

Shopping for the best Manscaping kit to deal with extra or unwanted body hair? Here at we feature men's personal care products designed to deal with and properly manscape a man's furry bits anywhere on your body. Get the results of a professional manscaper yourself - and in the privacy of your own home.

State-Of-The-Art Manscaping Kits

Here's two of our top male manscaping tool recommendations:
Top-Selling Body GroomerDual-Head Mens Trimmer
Norelco Bodygroom Pro

Dual Trim/Shave Cutting Ends
Men's Total Body Groomer

ManGroomer Pro Reversible

Above are two of the best-selling All-In-One bodygroomers for manscaping - and for a good reason. As a comprehensive, general manscaping kit, they feature both an adjustable body hair trimming end in the handle for the 1st pass - and with a flip - a 2nd-stage foil razor head for a complete shave. You can bulk remove long and thick body fur with ease with the trimmer, then flip it over and foil shave the remaining stubble down smooth. With rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery power, they can hold up through a long manscaping session with cordless safety and convenience.

Manscaping Kits For Back Hair Removal

Gorilla-hairy men may need a specially designed grooming tool to help with backscaping. Here's two back hair trimmers of note.
ManGroomer Back RazorRechargeable Back Trimmer
Mens Back Hair Shaver

Interchangeable Foil & Blade Heads
Razorba Power Trimmer

3" Wide Blade

Exceptionally hairy men may need more specialized manscape tools to perform DIY Do-It-Yourself hairy back manscaping. With long or extendable handles, a growing range of back hair shavers and trimmers allow a guy to reach where he otherwise can't to get at that pelt of fur covering their shoulders, back and sides.

Total Body Manscaping Kits

A range of general purpose men's beard and body grooming sets can handle many mens basic manscaping needs. Look for kits that include detail trimmer blades, foil shaver head, and a nose and ear hair trimmer for a broad range of body hair management tasks.
Male Grooming KitMens Grooming Kit
Wahl Groomsman Pro

Beard & Body Trimming
Reminton 8-In-1

Multiple Trimmers & Guides

With multiple trimming heads and adjustable-length guide combs, All-In-One men's groomers can be great for a wide variety of male manscape, body and beard grooming tasks. For men with light or sparse body hair, or for just trimming scrotal and pubic hair when a full-bore manscaping tool isn't necessarily required.

Over the years, I've personally purchased a wide range of men's grooming tools and products to deal with my own copious body hair. I'm the sort of guy who isn't extremely hairy, but have body hair ALL OVER my body, both front and back.